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Pregnancy and Infertility

A pair of media stories recently have shown chiropractic in a favorable light. The first story appeared on October 28, 2002, on a California television news show. The station, "Action News 8" is out of Salinas, Monterey and Santa Cruz. The story's title is "Chiropractors Offer Relief For Moms-To-Be". This news feature tells the story of a pregnant woman who was experiencing lower back pain. The woman told her story by saying, "Laying down was very difficult, changing positions was extremely, extremely painful. I was at the point where I really wasn't functioning very well." According to the news story a chiropractor found that the woman's pelvis was out of balance. She explains her story by saying, "I was here three days in a row (with) a weekend off and (there was a) drastic difference." The story goes on to explain that there are additional benefits to chiropractic care for pregnant women. The chiropractor of the woman featured in this news story ended by saying, "The actual time of labor, the length of it, is shortened. The delivery was very easy. The baby just literally, kind of, came out slowly and smoothly. Complications are very rare."

Fighting Infertility At The Chiropractor

    pointer.gif  A CBS 2 Special Report

    pointer.gif   Feb 25, 2004 11:00 pm US/Eastern

NEW YORK (CBS) Infertility. If you haven't struggled with it yourself, chances are you know someone who wants to become pregnant but can't. Now, there's surprising new research that may crack the case and offer some couples new hope.

As CBS 2's Cindy Hsu reports, infertility affects more than six million women and their partners across the country. Kaycee Mogel always dreamed of becoming a mother. She and her husband struggled for years trying to get pregnant. She was even on fertility drugs but nothing worked. Then, she took a trip to the chiropractor. "Within a couple months, I was pregnant. Oh, we're really excited," she remembers. Startling new research shows a possible link between spinal adjustments and increased fertility in some women. "It lets couples who have been infertile or couples who are planning on having a family, it offers them hope," explains Dr. Madeline Behrendt.

Dr. Behrendt led a study looking at 15 women who struggled with infertility, some for more than a decade. Then, for various reasons, each went to the chiropractor. Fourteen became pregnant and are now mothers."The chiropractor identifies spinal distortions, which are called subluxations, and once they were detected and corrected, the fertility function improved," Dr. Behrendt explains. She says there's a link between chiropractic care and fertility because the nerves to your reproductive system run through your spine. And she says when the back is misaligned, the nerves misfire and cause a hormone imbalance, which can prevent a woman from getting pregnant.

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